Hard, Dry, Callused Skin & Cracked Heels

Dry and hard skin also known as calluses form on the bony prominences of the feet, they are often slightly yellow in colour. Calluses are most commonly found on the tops of toes, the balls of the feet and the heels; calluses are the result of excessive pressure and friction to the skin.

Corns are small circles of thick skin that usually develop on the tops, sides  and between the toes along with the the soles of the feet, corns that form between the toes are often caused by excessive moisture, pressure and friction. Corns are often more painful than calluses but this can vary from one individual to the next.

The excessive pressure can be due to tight, pointy or high heeled shoes or changes in structure of the feet or toes.

Cracking of the skin on the heels of the feet is usually caused by a combination excessive drying out of the skin and the wearing of shoes that subject the skin to extra tension and movement. Backless footwear like mules and flip flops are often linked to this problem.


What are common causes of Calluses and Cracked Heels?

  • Inappropriate footwear such as high or tight pointy shoes and backless shoes
  • Feet that have lost some of their fatty padding,  possibly as the result of the aging process
  • Weight gain
  • Some medical conditions such as diabetes or hypothyroidism, which cause drying out of the skin to a higher degree than normal
  • Some skin disorders such as psoriasis and eczema


What treatments can our podiatrists provide for Calluses and Cracked Heels?

  • Perform a physical examination to ascertain the cause

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  • Gentle removal of the thickened hard skin
  • Advice on suitable footcare products to delay the hard skin returning
  • Footwear advice, as many individuals wear incorrect fitting and styled footwear
  • Provision of protective padding
  • Custom made shoe insoles to remove the cause of the hard skin
  • Recommend surgery if non surgical or conservative treatment is not deemed appropriate (rarely required)


What treatment should I book if I have problems with Hard, Callused Skin and Cracked Heels?

Our routine podiatry treatment is the perfect appointment for individuals suffering from problems with hard skin, calluses, and cracked heels.

Hard Skin / Calluses

Hard Skin

Removal of Calluses

Treatment of Heel Calluses