At Feet in Focus, we integrate a combination of time proven traditional assessment techniques with the latest video gait analysis and analytical computerised software to enable our highly experienced podiatrists to screen our patients to the highest detail

This attention to detail enables our podiatrists to get to the root of the mechanical problems that can cause a full range of stubborn postural complaints from conditions that affect the heel of the foot to more complex complaints such as lower back and hip pains.

Our video gait analysis software forms an important part of our biomechanical assessments, running gait analysis and medico-legal assessments. Traditional gym treadmills and the types used for running shop assessments utilise a single belt which this propels the body forward unnaturally.

Our specialised Sprintex gait analysis treadmill has been manufactured specifically for video gait analysis; the machine has separate slats as opposed to a belt, and this recreates a more natural walking and running motion.  Additionally, as the treadmill is able to work in reverse we are able to film our patients while in motions from the front, rear sides.

Benefits of video gait analysis

  1. Viewing patients while in motion provides vital additional information which may reveal the cause of injuries.
  2. An excellent method of patient education; our patients enjoy being shown the causes of their injuries and are then are able to understand the treatment recommendations and the relevance to their injuries.
  3. Can be used objectively to justify treatment intervention in medico-legal cases, this can also form part of a medico-legal report.

Recommended treatment

If you are keen to benefit from being assessed while in motion you are recommended to book in one of the following services:

  1. Biomechanical assessment with video gait analysis, standard or premium assessments are available.
  2. Running gait analysis: this is suitable for individuals that only experience pain when running or wish to improve running performance or prevent injuries.