Ingrowing, thick or damaged toenails can be very painful, uncomfortable and look very unsightly; the nails and the surrounding skin can also become infected by bacteria and very often fungal infections.


Our HCPC registered podiatrists are specialists at dealing with a full range of toenail problems: we are often able to resolve problem toenails in only one treatment or if required we can offer a number of treatment plans to treat and maintain health to more troublesome toenails including permanent nail surgery performed with the use of a local anaesthetic.

Common treatments

  1. Reduction of the thickness of damaged nails
  2. Removal of ingrowing nail(s) with specialist small nail trimmers to minimise pain (PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS AT HOME)
  3. Nail surgery to permanently narrow the nail if it continually ingrows and causes pain. In the majority of cases only a section of the nail needs to be removed under a local anaesthetic.
  4. If a fungal infection is suspected our podiatrist can test the nail (additional cost applies) to confirm nail infection; if infection is confirmed the correct form of treatment is then recommended.
  5. Most nail treatments do not cause discomfort, if however you are concerned about pain during treatment a local anaesthetic can be used to numb the painful toe so treatment can be carried out pain free.

Common Nail Problems Treated

  1. Ingrowing toenails
  2. Damaged, discoloured nail and misshapen nails
  3. Fungal nail infections
  4. Psoriatic Nails

Recommended treatments / what I should do next?

If you are experiencing problems with your toenails you are recommended to book in for the following treatment; often early treatment can often prove vital in avoiding progression of the problem.

  1. Routine Podiatry (Chiropody)