Diabetes is a common lifelong condition

There are over 3 million people diagnosed with diabetes in the UK and an estimated 600,000 undiagnosed individuals.

Diabetes is a condition which can lead to the development of high levels of glucose in the body, the high levels of glucose can have damaging effect on the blood vessels, nerves, eyes, kidneys and the feet.

For this reason it is vitally important for individuals with diabetes to have their feet checked by a health care professional such as a podiatrist, annual screening is recommended as a minimum.

At Feet in Focus, we treat a large number of individuals who have been diagnosed with diabetes, diabetic foot screening can help to prevent common diabetic foot complications and early identification of problems can lead to prompt effective treatment.

What included in an annual diabetic foot assessment and treatment

  1. Full visual check of the feet to screen for areas of increased pressure which could lead to increased risk of ulceration.
  2. Review of the circulation of the feet including palpation of the foot pulses and with the aid of a foot Doppler, an ultrasound type screen of the blood vessels is undertaken to check for any deterioration to the circulation.
  3. Review of the nerves of the feet, including screening for pain, light touch and vibration.
  4. Any routine podiatry care which is required such as removal of hard skin and trimming of the nails.
  5. Finally the podiatrist will give advice to maintain the feet in optimal condition and the recommended frequency of podiatry treatments is discussed and agreed with the patient.

Common complications as a result of diabetes

  1. Peripheral vascular disease
  2. Neuropathy (changes to the nerves)
  3. Diabetic ulceration
  4. Athletes foot