Payment for Treatment

At Feet in Focus we accept all major forms of payment including cash, credit and debit cards, but we no longer  accept cheques  or American Express cards. To try to keep our costs at a minimum we charge a 3% surcharge credit cards over a value of £50, and £0.75 on values below £50. There are no charges for accepting cash or debit cards. Further information on health insurance and cash plans can be found under their payment headings.

Payment is taken at the end of each treatment session unless medical insurance is to be used. If you do hold health insurance, we kindly ask that you provide all your insurance detail at the time of booking including, your health insurance provider, your policy and authorisation numbers plus your date of birth.

Online Consultation

If you do not have the time to attend for a consultation and you are suitable, we provide an online consultation option;  for this our payments are processed by Paypal.  If a credit card is used to pay for this service a 3% charge is levied on top of the standard fee. For full details on our online consultation please click here.

Prescription Orthotics

If during your treatment you are recommended a pair of foot orthoses, a deposit of 50% of their total cost is taken at the time of measurement or casting and the remaining balance is taken at the point of fitting.

Nail Surgery

If our podiatrists recommended a nail surgery procedure to remedy your nail problems one third of the total cost is taken at the time of pre assessment and the remaining balance is collected on the day the surgery is performed.

Cancelation Policy

In order to avoid unnecessary inconvenience to our clinic, podiatrist and other patients, we kindly ask that a minimum of 24 hours notice is given is an appointment needs to be cancelled or rearranged. If this minimum requirement is not met we reserve the right to charge the full fees for the appointment. For Biomechanical assessments and nail surgery appointments we ask that the minimum period is 48 hours as the appointments are significantly longer and our fees are therefore greater.